Wanted! The Outlaw Magic of Lonnie Chevrie


Volume One (Wanted) Contents:

  • Counterfeiter
  • String ’em Up
  • Two Bits in a Bottle
  • A Stab in the Dark
  • Game of Chance


Counterfeiter — This is excellent handling of the $100 bill switch with some very nice touches. Lonnie has combined the thumb tip method with the no thumb tip method coming up with a very natural-looking switch. The usual “dip” is not there. This looks very good.

String’em up — Lonnie’s presentation of the Gypsy thread utilizing dental floss. This is a very clean and direct presentation of the classic effect. You will like this.
Two bits in a bottle — This is a charming presentation of the coin in the bottle using a small make-up bottle, a quarter, and a pair of tweezers. At the conclusion of the routine, the coin and bottle can be examined.

A stab in the dark — This is Lonnie’s table-to-table version of the Stabbed Deck. After a card is selected and returned to the deck the magician seals the deck inside a letter envelope. The spectator stabs the deck with a letter opener. The selection is found next to the blade of the letter opener. This is very clean and direct from beginning to end.
Game of chance — A table-to-table chop cup routine that is notably different from the standard chop cup routine.

These videos are studio-quality productions. The videos contain both a performance segment and an explanation segment, both of which can be very clearly viewed. Lonnie’s explanations are clear and concise. The camera work is excellent. A variety of camera angles are used to make the explanations as clear as possible.

Not only does the production quality of these videos earn high marks, but the effects themselves also do as well. Don’t hesitate to go out and purchase these DVDs. You will be happy you did. Definitely good, quality, commercial magic you will want to add to your repertoire.

– John Luka – Motor City Convention