Live at the Jailhouse: A Guide to Restaurant Magic


On this 3 DVD set you will see some of the most renowned restaurant magicians in the U.S. performing for real audiences but even more important these seasoned pros will talk about:

Disc 1
Benefits of working in a restaurant
Choosing a restaurant
How to dress
How to get the job
How to keep the job
Staff relationships
Getting paid
Types of effects
Amount of material
Kirk Charles performs: His version of sponge balls(performance), An in the hands Copper/Silver(performance), Matches (performance), Bar Basketball(explanation) and Business Card(explanation)

Garrett Thomas performs: Rubik’s Cube(performance), The Ring Thing(performance), Big Coin Little Purse(performance), plus Garrett explains his amazing way to vanish and produce large props at a table.

Paul Green performs: Pygmy Paddle(explanation), Here There and Chicago Too! and Card to Wallet Routine with a great tip to help you never miss and give away your Business Card at the same time(explanation).

Disc 2

Approaching the table: When & How
Three ways to leave the table: Entertainment no desired, The food arrives, You finish the show
Dan Fleshmann performs: Prof. Nightmare(performance), Momma in my wallet(explanation), Card to Mouth(explanation) and Rising Card(explanation)

Kozmo performs: Sweet’N Low Surprise(explanation)

Disc 3

Odds and Ends: Dealing with hecklers, Evolution of your magic, Self Promotion, Pocket Management, Mistake Recovery, Making Friends, Working for Celebs
Favorite Stories
Parting Comment
Bloopers and Credits
Justin Miller performs: Shockingly Sweet(explanation), Suggestion(explanation) and Believe(performance)