Jeff Prace presents four mysteries using something you normally carry in your pocket, chewing gum. Using the methods taught in detail on this DVD, you will be able to astonish anyone with everyday items.

Gum – Jeff Prace

“Solid Practical Coolness. This kid is going to be DANGEROUS!!!”
– Paul Harris

“It’s visual, magical and oh so minty fresh. Love it.”
– John Guastaferro

“Jeff Prace is EXTREMELY clever. He reminds me of me… except for the clever part.”
– Geoff Williams

“Sweet, really sweet.”
– Paul Green

“Jesus was to bread and fish as Jeff Prace is to peppermint chewing gum… this is a MIRACLE!”
– Derek Hughes

“GREAT! Simple, clean, direct, strong…”
– Tim Trono

“Hey, that looks awesome! Very magical!”
– Cameron Francis

“You will never look at gum the same way. Brilliant!”
– Tim Feher