Caution: Sleight of Hand Required – Volume II



  • Coins Through Glass
  • Perfect Prediction
  • Sweet n’ Low
  • IHT
  • Family Affair
  • Slick Trick
  • Free Fry

Lance DeLong is a professional who’s influences stem heavily from the Vernon ideologies taught to him by such excellent teachers as Roger Klause and Bob White. Lance brings a variety of effects to this video series, they are not all knuckle busters, there is something for everyone within these two volumes. The title should stand as a warning that there is nothing within these volumes that is self-working, but everything is within the grasp of anyone willing to put forth the effort to learn.

Lance is a member of the F.F.F.F. and therefore these routines have been scrutinized by some of the best thinkers and performers in the magic world.